Ingegerd Råmans summer house

by Emma Fexeus, Emmas Designblogg

This summer house is an excellent summation of Nordic style, not only because of its light and minimalist interiors. It belongs to the first lady of Swedish glass design; Ingegerd Råman, is filled with both old and future Scandinavian design classics, and the newer studio attached to the old school house was designed by the leading architect trio Claesson Koivisto Rune.



Ingegerd Råman is best known for her glass design for Sweden’s biggest glassworks, but has also created both cutlery and porcelain for prominent establishments such as Svenskt Tenn and Gustavsberg. Her style is timeless, simplistic and uncompromising; Råman has never been one to follow trends, and sticking to her personal aesthetics is definitely a big part of what has made her so successful.





Råman’s voluminous summer house (it’s 400 square meters plus basement and a free standing studio) was originally a school for the children in the little village, later used for summer camps and such, was very run down when she and her husband bought it. It took them five years of careful renovations to recreate the light and spacious school rooms from the 1920′s. The renovation plans were made together with architects Claesson Koivisto Rune, who at the time were newly graduated and even stricter in their style than they are now. CKR contributed with many elegant and clever storage solutions, sliding doors and stairs, to create this clean lined and functional holiday home.



The furniture are mostly icons by the great masters such as Saarinen, Jacobsen, Aalto and Breuer but seeing as they are mixed with homemade, inherited or thrifted pieces, and lots of green plants, the general impression is still warm and personal, in spite of all the white.


Via Sköna Hem


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